Volunia: Is GigaOM reporting news – or just hot air?

by Nicola Greco

Marchiori, VoluniaI am generally a satisfied reader of GigaOM, but not this time, not today. Commenting negatively and publicly a project, a dream of a professor and his students is not admissible, especially if the product is not launched and not tested yet.

The nationality does not matter, we should always be constructive; whether an idea looks promising or not, it represents a dream of someone. Especially in this case, there is more hot air in talking negatively, than in a project that is actually concrete (and done with passion and foresight, I would add).

I hope to Volunia and professor Marchiori the best, regardless the bias or prejudice, regardless its innovative value and its being or not a solution for a problem.

God bless the Internet because everyone can express his own opinion.

Update: If you speak Italian, I would strongly encourage you to read this excellent post, which in a way, describes the idea of Volunia’s “being a success even if it will not be” (cit. Silvio Gulizia)

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