Technology interfaces and art

by Nicola Greco

Last week, I have been at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. By reading this post, I recommend – whether you are working in a start-up or not – to take one day off and have a walk into the closest modern art museum. It is beautiful the way art cyclically repeat itself, even in different media, the way details become fundamental and then superfluous and so on. I saw many parallelism of the game of shadows of Caravaggio and the flatness of Van Gogh, with what the state of art of new technologies (in terms of UI) is proposing – see Bootstrap 2 to 3 and iOS from 6 to 7.

This painting of Giacomo Balla (Le frecce della vita) has been trigger of one of my latest thoughts. I see in this painting a precise description of the historical time in which he was living, the interest in “velocity”, “precision” of the society of that time. I now realise that I am surrounded by too many engineering interfaces and very little art.

Imagine holding in your hands a mobile phone with an app, drew by an artist.

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