The 5 things I learned in the last 5 months

by Nicola Greco

In this last five months I wrote more essays than the BuddyPress plugins I wrote two years ago (and believe me, they were many). Although in this last period I did not have much time to write blogposts, I have been observing and thinking about what is happening in the digital world, often inspired by the Italian Startup Scene Group and Indigeni Digitali.

Here are the five things that concerned me the most, listed in no particular order.

1. Not only social networks

In the last few years the attention focused on social networks. Do not base your ideas only on that, there are million of applications that the internet can have. Internet is not just communication, it is interaction between two objects that can be close or completely far away.

2. Accelerators are missing

My idea of accelerator is a community of people with different interests. The aim of an accelerator community is to “accelerate” the first life processes of a start-up. In more practical terms: when a person inside the community launches his app, all the other members suddenly use it, write about it and spread the voice.

3. Medicine is the new frontier

I have been inspired by the motto of Massive Health: “Medicine needs a design renaissance. Why is it that we live surrounded by beautiful technology, but as soon as we get sick we’re left out in the cold? We’re working to fix that.”. In addition, investors are ready to give you 10 million dollars if you develop a Star Wars’ tricoder

4. Javascript is the new hero

Now with javascript you can build iPhone apps, web applications and hyper-fast and scalable back-ends. Keep an eye on PhoneGap and the active community of NodeJS.

5. Organisation is the next big thing

Organisation is where Technology is moving. We have seen Siri and Hubot. Facebook is now in the diary form (and you can also organize your past travels or awards).

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