A little story about Feetshot at Launch48

by Nicola Greco

After the event in Rome, I was exhausted for few days and pretty excited at the same time. For the first time I went to university directly from my home, which are respectively Rome and London (UCL).

So excited and full of energy that I participated at Launch48. A very British version of Start-up weekend. The event took place in UCL (this means that I woke up 7 out of 7 mornings to go to university). Still, at the event I meet infinitely many interesting people, very few devs though. I hope I could have spent more time with the mentors, that often appeared and more often disappeared.

Anyway, this is how it went. I was undecided whether I should have presented my idea or not. 5 minutes before the event started, I decided to go on stage and pitch it. I had no idea what to say apart from saying that “Feetshot – take pictures of your feet and places you stand on. We change the way you take pictures and way you think about every step you do.”. People voted the idea, the morning after we started.

Although someone may think I am a feticist, I am not. Ernesto who originally had the idea, probably is.

I am not going to spend other words on this.

48 hours, 3 developers, and a bunch of biz guys made this: feetshot.com, go and check it out.

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