Award from the European Commission

by Nicola Greco

It has been an amazing experience. Few days ago, I was in Copenhagen at the Experimentarium, invited by the European Commission for being one of the finalists for the E-Skills awards. As I explained in my previous topic I passed the European selection for “Excellent research in Digital Technology“.


With infinite satisfaction I can now say that I won the European award as runner-up (2nd place). My research consisted in a 40 pages paper about “Analysis of content-propagation in online social networks through graph theory and matrices“.

I hope I will have to give more info about that. The award I hold in my hands in the picture is now in Telecom Italia in Rome. I spent an entire summer there researching on this topic with engineers, sociologists and physicists.

From my previous post:

The project I presented is obviously my initial Extended Essay in Mathematics, tutored by my professor David Harris, that during this summer internship inTelecom Italia, tutored by Massimiliano Spaziani, became a concrete piece of software now called BrunoApp.

Thank you to everybody that had a little and a strong influence that led me to reach this objective.


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