The Internet towards the end of freedom

by Nicola Greco

This post is a quote to one of latest Dottorblaster’s blogposts (who actually quotes me again). It is quite scary to realize that social networks are just companies. Even more scary is the post that appeared on Twitter’s blog.

Q: Do you filter out certain Tweets before they appear on Twitter?
A: No. Our users now send a billion Tweets every four days—filtering is neither desirable nor realistic. With this new feature, we are going to be reactive only: that is, we will withhold specific content only when required to do so in response to what we believe to be a valid and applicable legal request.

After the MegaConspiracy, this is the rhetorical question that I can only think about. Is the Internet going towards the end of anarchy?

More than that, what concerns me is the idea that IF an extremist would come to power and decide what to censor or not, that will not be the end of anarchy, but the end of freedom. Decentralisation is what we need, now.

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