Finalist in Copenhagen E-Skills Week 2012

by Nicola Greco

I have never participated in an international event or competition outside Italy. I was incredibly surprised and absolutely overjoyed when I received an email from Brussels saying that I have been selected as finalist for Excellent Research by the European Union for the contest E-Skills for students less than 21 years old. This means that on the 30th of March I will be in Copenhagen for the cerimony.

The project I presented is obviously my initial Extended Essay in Mathematics, tutored by my professor David Harris, that during this summer internship in Telecom Italia, tutored by Massimiliano Spaziani, became a concrete piece of software now called BrunoApp.

Yesterday I told this joke to my father: “The other finalist is a Greek (which in Italian corresponds to Greco my family name), the good thing is that at least one Greco will win the award”
Victory or not, I am happy. For the first time, I feel like swimming as a fish that migrates from the Mediterranean sea, to the Atlantic Ocean.

PS: I am absolutely excited to meet the Princess of Denmark!

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