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The way we are changing University and the first UCL Hackathon

I think as time passes, technology advances, the education system needs to keep up. This post is a final result of different thoughts I had during and after the University Hackathon that we – as UCLe, University College London Entrepreneurs – organised. Gentle introduction Just a few weeks ago, around 60 students left their Saturday […]

Technology interfaces and art

Last week, I have been at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. By reading this post, I recommend – whether you are working in a start-up or not – to take one day off and have a walk into the closest modern art museum. It is beautiful the way art cyclically repeat itself, […]

When artists share, they set trends

I am impressed on how is continuously improving they design and  also their product. I have gone through some web prototyping tonight and I really liked the clean and smooth log in form there, and the title of this post is what I said when in their the CSS file I read this. /* Code written […]

Quick impression on iSchool (World Wide Rome)

Today we were in Rome. Today was a turning point for the Italian education present and future. I believe today has been a great day. I am talking about “iSchool“, event that has taken place in Rome honored by the presence of a long list of impressive very young Italian talents and the Minister of […]

TEDx Milan on mathematics of social networks

I am very honored to have taken part in TEDx in Milan and that my reseach (see European Award) has been considered cutting-edge. Amazing and catching experience. I have never been so excited to explain my research and my works. I gave a 18-mins speech on the importance of content propagation.

Thinking Internationally

Today Working Capital‘s blog (Italian start-up accelerator) published my article. I talked about the importance of “thinking internationally”. I am sorry if it is available in Italian only, but I will probably take some parts and translate them soon. I hope you will enjoy.

Volunia: Is GigaOM reporting news – or just hot air?

I am generally a satisfied reader of GigaOM, but not this time, not today. Commenting negatively and publicly a project, a dream of a professor and his students is not admissible, especially if the product is not launched and not tested yet. The nationality does not matter, we should always be constructive; whether an idea looks […]

The Internet towards the end of freedom

This post is a quote to one of latest Dottorblaster’s blogposts (who actually quotes me again). It is quite scary to realize that social networks are just companies. Even more scary is the post that appeared on Twitter’s blog. Q: Do you filter out certain Tweets before they appear on Twitter? A: No. Our users […]

Megaupload closes today. The end of the Mega conspiracy and the Internet Anarchy

I read on an Italian blog that MegaUpload, MegaVideo and family are now closed. It was worth 175 million dollars and ranked as the 13th most visited website in the World. Here is the FBI press release website (which is currently veeeery slow). The Internet counts now hundreds and hundreds of websites offering similar services. […]

The power of knowledge, once again

Here is what appears on Wikipedia. This already happened in Italy. However, in Italy it closed only for few days without much success and much coherence.