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NodeJS has now an Italian community

Quick update for Italian developers and stakeholders. Me and Dottorblaster, aka Alassio Biancalana just started NodeJS Italy, a group on Facebook that connects all Italian noders (in Italy but also around the world – like me). In a few days we got 85 developers. We know it’s niche, we like it.

A little story about Feetshot at Launch48

After the event in Rome, I was exhausted for few days and pretty excited at the same time. For the first time I went to university directly from my home, which are respectively Rome and London (UCL).

School is a framework at iSchool (World Wide Rome)

I am sorry for speaking in Italian, I hope my Spanish friends will understand. Read this post to understand the context “Today was a turning point for the Italian education present and future. I believe today has been a great day.”

Quick impression on iSchool (World Wide Rome)

Today we were in Rome. Today was a turning point for the Italian education present and future. I believe today has been a great day. I am talking about “iSchool“, event that has taken place in Rome honored by the presence of a long list of impressive very young Italian talents and the Minister of […]

TEDx Milan on mathematics of social networks

I am very honored to have taken part in TEDx in Milan and that my reseach (see European Award) has been considered cutting-edge. Amazing and catching experience. I have never been so excited to explain my research and my works. I gave a 18-mins speech on the importance of content propagation.

Award from the European Commission

It has been an amazing experience. Few days ago, I was in Copenhagen at the Experimentarium, invited by the European Commission for being one of the finalists for the E-Skills awards. As I explained in my previous topic I passed the European selection for “Excellent research in Digital Technology“.  

Finalist in Copenhagen E-Skills Week 2012

I have never participated in an international event or competition outside Italy. I was incredibly surprised and absolutely overjoyed when I received an email from Brussels saying that I have been selected as finalist for Excellent Research by the European Union for the contest E-Skills for students less than 21 years old. This means that […]

Intervista a Paolo Barberis @ Nuovi Mille – Torino

Prima volta nelle vesti ufficiali di presentatore. Venti giorni senza parlare italiano con un accennato errore di traduzione, direi non male. E’ stato molto divertente trovare le domande con Marco De Rossi (Oil project). L’intervistato è Paolo Barberis, un imprenditore italiano, rimasto in Italia, ma con successo internazionale. Trovo le risposte molto utili per giovani […]


A proposito di Innovazione, in particolar modo dopo la ventata di freschezza portata a Torino dal Working Capital (evento dal quale sono appena tornato – ottimista tra l’altro), ecco il video girato con La7 che giorni fa avevo twittato! L’unica pecca, che ovviamente non poteva mancare, è che sono dell’anno 1993 :-) Ringrazio di cuore […]

Garibaldini e nuovi innovatori

Trovo interessante come il Working Capital sia riuscito a incastrare i nuovi mille progetti che vinceranno investimenti e borse di studio con i 150 dell’Italia. Mille nuovi innovatori che proveranno ad unire l’Italia. Domani sarò a Torino all’Officina Grandi Riparazioni dove il presidente Napoletano parteciperà all’evento.