About me

My blog has moved to nicola.io, check my updated bio here

email: me at nicolagreco.com
I am Nicola Greco (03/05/1993) and I am a student in MEng Computer Science at University College London.

I like to define my self as a node in a huge graph of interpersonal relationships (see TEDx video). I am a developer with much experiences in API development (I love NodeJS and AngularJS), social network analysis (see BrunoApp and the European Award) and pretotype – which actually means speed-coding to have a MVP to present in a few “days”.

I am very critical and easily inspired about anything. I share my passion talking at conferences, non-conferences, workshop and barcamps (contact me here or look at the list): I talk about digital culture, and the importance of  social network mathematics.

I like to hear start-up ideas and to give candid feedback. I love to “start-up” myself, I launched BrunoApp, a tool used by multinational companies like Telecom Italia to monitor online conversations. I have been coaching some italian public figures such as Nesli and Facchinetti about internet presence and personal branding.

I love competition, failing and winning. However only successful facts remains in the history therefore I have won the national competition Working Capital with my research on social network analysis, I won another national competition which is InnovactionLab pitching with Cubisound team my business idea of three-dimensional sound synthesis and an European Commission competition (2nd place) E-Skills as excellent research in digital technology.

I love hackathons. (To be extended here)

I have two life-long tutors one is Massimiliano Spaziani Brunella and Giovanni Iodice in Telecom Italia, but I actually feel to be children of maaaaaaaaany other people in the Italian tech scene.

Facts about me

My name appears on a CD cover (L’amore è qui – Nesli – Universal/JLe Management)
This year I took 21 flights (2012)
I don’t eat pasta and I don’t drink coffee
I started the first community of BuddyPress developers (at the time BPDEV)
My name is inside a book on personal branding
I always  often write with a green pen

Curriculum Vitae

You can find my curriculum here.